Thursday, November 17, 2011


Grown ups have temper tantrums just as much as a child my son’s age has them. They just aren't called "temper tantrums" they're called outbursts.

outburst  [out-burst]

Definition: fit of temper

Synonyms: access, attack, blow, burst, conniption, discharge, eruption, explosion, flare, flare-up, frenzy, gush, gust, outbreak, outpouring, paroxysm, rapture, scene, spasm, storm, surge, tantrum, transport, upheaval

Antonyms: harmony, order, peace

The fact is this: Adults may not roll on the floor and cry like a child might (well, most adults don’t…) but they do communicate their feelings when they don’t get their way.
See from a childs perspective:
When mommy or daddy says “No, you cannot have another piece of candy,” the child may scream, or throw him/herself on to the floor out of anger or frustration.

Same scenario with adults, but the verbs change. A 21 year old woman may find out bad news, or someone could infuriate her or maybe even something she just doesn’t like will take place. Instead of calmly accepting this not so good news or event, she curses, her blood pressure rises, she shakes uncontrollably, she gets anxiety, so on. So, in reality, we may not be children anymore, but it doesn’t mean we don’t act like it sometimes… ;)

Just my thought for the day..
Any inppput?

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