Thursday, January 21, 2010

New blog, new post, this is fun! I've never blogged for real before. But I thought since facebook doesn't really key into peoples lives that much (other than status updates) I would allow a little insight into my life beyond facebook. Okay, so how about a picture...

Okay, so that was me in April 2009. It's January now, 2010. And I look quite different. Here is me now, January 21st, 2010...

Yes, there is a baby in there. I am 31 weeks, 3 days pregnant! And it's a little boy!
Okay, to tell you the complete truth, I wasn't exactly planning on being a mother at 19, but it happened. And to tell you honestly, at the time I didn't see it as much of a blessing. But it really only took the one ultrasound for me to realize that my child is a gift from God, and the biggest blessing I could receive.
So now I feel him move everyday, and all I have to do is take full care of myself so my child is healthy and pretty much wait. I have 8 weeks, 4 days left until due date (March 23rd).
That's enough for today. I'm outtie, like my belly button. :]

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