Saturday, September 1, 2012

When a Chapter Closes

It's pretty amazing the things you can learn from one person. Someone can come into your life and present to you a whole new chapter. Great things happen when you meet someone who you know is a unique, creative and interesting individual. There's never a dull moment with these kinds of people. You are always learning something different, something useful, all while building a trust and friendship just as unique as the people in it. You become drawn to this person's energy and excitment. This person is someone you can almost always be yourself around, speak your mind without judgement, and just have a sincerely wonderful time with. You begin to create memories with them, and later in life you will always have something to look back and smile upon.

Amanda Maltos is this person to me. It's not everyday an amazing person shows up in your life and changes it. We both went through some rough patches in our individual lives and were just so comfortable talking to each other about them. Amanda, I will cherish the friendship I had with you for as long as I am alive. I hope and pray that our paths will cross one day, then we can, once again, begin our friendship in the new chapter, because my book is still being written, and so is yours. "amber is the color of your energy..."

...don't forget about me.

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